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Magento 2 MPGS Payment


  • Hosted Checkout and Hosted Sessions :- Hosted Payments quickly and easily accept e-commerce payments and reduce your PCI burden.
  • Support 3D Secure :- Offering a safe and secure checkout experience is easy and cost-effective with our Hosted Payment technology.
  • Shopping cart plugins:- Offer flexibility with gateway connectivity to a variety of popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Address Verification and Security Code policies :- Ability to control the outcome of a transaction based on the address and security code check undertaken by the acquirer.
  • Card Tokenization :- Technology and tokenization solution combine to remove sensitive card data from your internal systems, so you remain PCI compliant.
  • Protect sensitive cardholder data : – Avoid unnecessary and costly damage to your reputation by keeping cardholder information secure.
  • Web Service API : – Enables you to integrate quickly and easily with complete control using our comprehensive, developer-friendly API, available online in multiple languages.
  • Online Fraud Screening : – Ability to screen transactions via the industry leading online fraud prevention.
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The MasterCard Payment Gateway Services module for Magento enable quickly and reliably integrate to take payments via your website. Offering payment processing & fraud solution to merchants, partners & acquirers. Enabling consumers to buy w/payment method of choice. Gateway for MasterCard. It quickly and easily accept e-commerce payments and reduce your PCI burden. MPGS uses the technology and expertise to make payments safer, simpler and smarter
This Module (MPGS Extension) can add payments into website for checkout procedures to enable credit or debit card payments to be accepted securely and to minimise PCI exposure. Our feature-rich gateway processes online card payments as well as popular alternative payment methods from any device (mobile/laptop/in-app) in a secure, fast and consistent manner. Our module supports taking the payment data directly into Magento and then utilising the Direct API to transmit it to MasterCard.
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