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Give your customers the option and flexibility to shop at any time and from anywhere they want through mobile commerce development services. The mobile commerce app development services offered by AbzerCommerce enables businesses to create stunning mCommerce apps and solutions that can trigger your business reach and sales.  

From self-checkout options to building native mobile stores, the dedicated and expert team at AbzerCommerce deliver satisfactory results, which will help your businesses to grow. We will help you offer a mobile-optimized online shopping experience to generate more leads and boost sales.  

The Growing Popularity Of Mobile Commerce 

The convenience and comfort of shopping online from a device that most customers really use is a practise that most businesses should consider adapting. A recent survey revealed that approximately 71.6 percent of people claimed that they shop from their mobile devices when they are traveling or during their free time.  

It is evident that going mobile is the right approach for businesses that want to grow. If you are new to the world of mobile commerce, then you would be wondering what mobile commerce is and how it can benefit different types of businesses.  

What Is Mobile Ecommerce  

Mobile Commerce, which is also known as mcommerce can be defined as the process of selling and buying products online by using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. What makes mcommerce different from ecommerce is that customers will be able to shop from retailers and brand through multiple channels on their smartphones, which includes mobile websites, mobile commerce apps, social media, and more.  

The spike in the ownership of smartphones and tablets in recent years has considerably increased the popularity of mcommerce services. Recent studies have concluded that there has been a significant increase in the mobile share of ecommerce sales over the last few years.  

If you are still impressed with the concept of mcommerce services, here are a few interesting facts that will surely make you rethink.  

  • People are shopping from mobile devices usually spend twice when compared to other types of customers 
  • The percent of individuals who use handsets when they are in a store for looking up reviews, for comparing prices, and for finding alternative brand outlets.  

The above-mentioned stat clearly indicates that people have started liking the idea of buying products and making online transactions through their mobile devices. This in turn offers attractive opportunities for companies that are willing to adapt.  

A Beginner’s Guide To Mobile Commerce Applications  

It is important to note that mobile commerce is not restricted to just the selling and buying of products with the help of mobile-specific channels. There is actually a host of mcommerce apps that businesses will be able to take advantage of. Here are some types of mobile specific applications that businesses could use.  

Mobile Bookings  

The advancement and innovations in the field of technology has resulted in the launch of different mobile applications. Today, internet users are able to book tickets from events through smartphones.  

Brands will be able to take bookings by using a dedicated mobile website or app. They can send a QR-equipped digitized ticket directly to the mobile phone of customers. Allowing smartphone users to learn about loyalty programs, discounts, and other offers presents a massive business opportunity for companies. 

Benefits Of Mobile Commerce  

Several businesses often ask why they should invest in mobile commerce and how can their business benefit from it. If that’s the case, here are a few benefits offered by mobile commerce that will help you make an informed decision.  

Multiple Payment Options  

Most of the mobile commerce platforms out there provide a wide range of payment solutions which will in turn help businesses to make online shopping a lot more convenient for customers. This means that internet shoppers will be able to place orders via PayPal, credit cards, digital wallet services, and more when using a mobile commerce platform.  

There are several Shopify stores, which offer both mobile-first payment options along with the option to pay through PayPal when they are shopping through mobile websites or applications. You need to get in touch with a professional ecommerce mobile app development company in UAE or Dubai like AbzerCommerce for further assistance.  

Ensures Better Experience For Customers  

There is no denying the fact that ecommerce has made the process of shopping a lot more simple and convenient. Today, customers have access to a wide range of products, get better deals, and they are able to do everything at the comfort of their homes through a desktop or laptop.  

You will be able to enjoy all those benefits when it comes to mobile commerce too. However, the difference is that you will not need a computer or laptop to enjoy the benefits because you will be able to do that with mobile devices.  

Another interesting thing to note is that most of the modern mobile ecommerce applications are capable of enhancing customer experience. For instance, several retailers make use of augmented reality applications for complementing their mcommerce business.  

Apart from that, several businesses use messenger apps and chatbots to easily interact with customers who are using their mobile ecommerce websites or apps. 

Omnichannel Customer Experience  

Another fascinating aspect of mobile commerce is that it makes it really for businesses to mere in-store and online experiences. Businesses that make use of QR codes, geo-fenced discounts, and mobile-specific product comparison pages will be able to ensure an omnichannel customer experience.  

A survey of 460,000 shoppers was recently conducted by the Harvard Business Review. The survey found out that the percentage of individuals who were web-only shoppers was just 7 percent. 20 percent of the shoppers purchased products from a store while the remaining 73 percent made use of multiple channels when shopping online.  

Why Us  

What makes AbzerCommerce a trusted option when it comes to mobile commerce app development services is our knack for creating customer-centric and robust mobile commerce solutions, which suits the specific requirements of businesses.  

The expert team of mobile commerce developers at our disposal focuses on integrating agile technology and ongoing trends for delivering satisfactory results to businesses. If you want to guarantee a smooth and personalized online shopping experience with customized solutions, it is best to get in touch with us.  

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