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Magento 2 FAQ Extension


  • In-built Widget to display FAQ on any CMS page
  • FAQ Categories can be added
  • Option to style FAQs
  • Possible to display category label
  • Listing on Category wise
  • ‘Undefined’ category for uncategorized FAQs
  • Sorting order can be added for both category and FAQ
  • Disable and enable both FAQ and Category
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Multi-store supported
  • ACL entry is added
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The FAQ extension from Abzer provides an option to add frequently asked questions and answers in category wise. For an e-commerce site FAQ is unavoidable and it brings trust in customers. Our extension is cable of handling common queries that customers want to ask you. An admin user or an authorized user can add multiple FAQs under each category. Also, it’s possible to display on the frontend using the widget provided by the extension in category wise. If there are FAQs that cannot be categorized then you can choose the default category “Undefined” and extension allows you to display the category label as well.

The widget allows you to add your FAQS on any CMS page and it provides the option to choose the categories that you want to be listed. Also, it’s possible to show the label of the selected category on the frontend. The extension is very user-friendly and listing pages are capable of searching and sorting. The entry to access control list allows you to manage the FAQs from unauthorized users. Another main feature which the extension provides is the option to add custom CSS.  The custom CSS values allow you to style the FAQs as you wish. It’s possible to add the sorting order for both category and FAQs come under each category. The FAQs will be displayed based on this sorting order against each category and categories as well. Both FAQs and Categories can be enabled or disabled from the admin side.

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