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Magento 2 Transaction Receipt


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Turn on/off the module in the backend
  • New button on Transaction Page
  • Print data in PDF format
  • Customization PDF
  • Include/exclude transaction details
  • Generates Light-weight PDF
  • Entry on Access Control List (ACL)
  • Multi-stores are supported
  • Easy to install and configure
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The financial transaction is the core part of all eCommerce applications. Transaction data should be secure and reliable. In Magento, the status of an order depends on the status of the transaction. Transactions such as order, authorization, capture, void refund are already defined in Magento and these types play the major role in an eCommerce order. Transaction data is given under the Sales menu and it is also accessible from each order.

Presently by default, there is no option to print or download the transaction data from Magento. Transaction Receipt from Abzer for Magneto provides an option to print or download the data in PDF format. Once it installed, under store configuration, we can customize the extension. The extension can be simply configured and enabled from the admin side.  It provides the option to include or exclude the details of child transactions if any as well as additional details of the transaction.

Once it is enabled, a button “Print Receipt” will be present on the top-right corner of transaction-view page near the back button. By clicking the button, we can easily print or download the transaction data as a receipt.  Send this receipt to clients or customers as a payment transaction confirmation. Transaction data contains Transaction ID, Order ID, Status, Type, etc. PDF header can be configured through the admin side in order to add logo and address. Finally, this extension makes a perfect transaction receipt.

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